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Thanks for the support

Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown into flame by another human being.

Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light. Albert Schweitzer, Philosopher

When tragedy occurs, there is something extraordinary that happens.

People help along the way in the most unexpected ways.

They help ease the pain, stave off the darkness and share the joys.

They make you laugh when you didn't think that was possible again.

They lend a helping hand in the most selfless and extraordinary ways.

They show compassion and thoughtfulness in their words and deeds.

They give you comfort when you need it the most.

They expect and ask for nothing in return.

To all of you, we say thank you

To the truly heroic friend and surfers who tried to save Kyle.

To every person who shared a part of our journey in those early dark days.

To the extraordinary individuals and local businesses who supported us.

To loved ones, old friends and new friends, who cared about our grief.

To all those who made the tracks in the sand easier for us to follow.

Skilful work - Thomas Hire Dunsborough and the Bunkersbodyboarder Sculpture installation. Provided time and expertise voluntarily. So very grateful!

Simon, as a very nervous artist!

Kyle's Rainbow over the bay, taken in the hour after his death.

4th Sept 2011


The Dunsborough and Margaret River Communities.

We were embraced  by their compassion and generosity.

Bunker Bay Memorial Paddle Out

7th September 2011

So, who brought the shovel with them? Kyle's grandparents with a helping hand from some of our treasured police family.

How many still to go? Rehab day 1, 2013. The friends who helped make Bunker Bay a special place for us. Forever grateful. 

Kyle's work colleagues in Margaret River - the wineries and the conservation groups he spent time with.The stories and support. Heartwarming - a life being lived.

For the manager and staff on duty in the days following Kyle's death. For your compassion and giving us a sanctuary to grieve. Gratitude.

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