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The Event

Some people, sweet and attractive, and strong and healthy, happen to die young. They are masters in disguise, teaching us about impermanence.   His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

In the early afternoon of Father's Day, 4th September 2011, 21 year old Kyle Burden was killed by a great white shark whilst bodyboarding at the Bone Yards surf break at Bunker Bay.


It was a rare event in a spectacularly beautiful place.

Nature is art

The Bunkers Bodyboarder Sculpture stands as a sentinel over the Bone Yards surf break in honour of Kyle and others who surf this break. It's a tribute to the remarkable bravery of the men who swam out to rescue Kyle that day; and a thank you to the surfers who ran to warn others, the emergency services who attended, and the extraordinary police officers who supported us.

The Sculpture is intended to remind us that we should not go through life fearing the worst, or waiting for the extraordinary. We need to appreciate and participate in the everyday things that give life its purpose. Without some risk there is no real reward.

A local and talented artist and sculptor, Simon James, has created an artwork that represents the important role that surfing plays in this community. From the local surfing culture to the travellers from all over the world who come to experience the famous Margaret River beaches and surf. It's also about the freedom and simple pleasure of sharing the company of friends, and being part of nature itself. The colours of the sculpture represent the idyllic water of the Indian Ocean, and the ochre granite of the headlands that envelope the bay in an embrace.


Bunkers Landscape.jpg

The wording of the plaque reflects some of Kyle's own words, and his liking for philosophical musings. It serves to remind us of the beauty of simply being a part of nature, and to protect what we can so often take for granted. It's about the simple acts we do each day that add value to our lives and histories.


The Sculpture is also a way for the family and friends of Kyle to thank everyone who provided support throughout our long journey. It's a beacon for us to come and spend time at this remarkable place.

Sculpture front on.jpg

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