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Bunker Bay

Bunker Bay is a small, pristine cove adjacent to Cape Naturaliste approximately three hours drive south of Perth, Western Australia. It's an ideal spot for scenic walks, surfing, swimming and snorkelling. 


Bunker Bay is the most westerly point along the south west coastline, making the headland and bay an ideal place to see the annual whale migration between June and early December as these magnificent creatures come closer to shore as the round the headland.


A great day at Bunkers is a meal, coffee and cake at the Bunkers Beach House restaurant which is nestled on the fringes of the beach front, a leisurely walk to the far end of the beach, or a chance to swim or surf in these pristine waters.


The beach has two surf breaks, Farm Break and Bone Yards, with Bone Yards being the furthest along the beach and in line with the Bunkers Bodyboarder Sculpture


Th walk to the Bunkers Bodyboarder Sculpture can take 15 to 30 minutes depending on your pace. Look out for it nestled in the dunes, a few minutes after you've passed the house set back in the dunes.


The walk is definitely worth it. The views back along the beach are spectacular, and if you're lucky you may see seals or dolphins surfing the waves quite close to shore. Keep a look out for breaching whales further out to sea, or bodyboarders being towed in by jet skis on the big wave days. Even if it's all quiet, you can just enjoy the serenity.


So please come and visit, and take some time to sit for a while and just enjoy the beauty and peace of this magnificent piece of Australia. You won't be disappointed!

Cape Naturaliste

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